This is the first part of what eventually will be my entire home page, covering many and varied areas of interest and thought. Musings is a selection of my written works over the years. Some very old, some very new. In many cases they aren't even perhaps what I would consider my best work, but in an attempt to document the progression of the artist and the art I've included early works that while perhaps still rough are indictive where I've been, and where I'm heading. Also you will find here works that might be deemed incomplete. Much like a painter's studies some prose became a single sketched scene, and never progressed beyond that. Again I include them, in part to help myself and you gentle reader to understand both the process and the magic. There is also a link to my online writers' journal these are daily exercises from "A Writer's Book of Days" by Judy Reeves, one of the few books on the 'art' of writing that I've found really useful.

A few thank yous are in order at this point. S.K., who was my first teacher in the art of writing, you taught me what it meant to love words. Ken, who so often gave me a reason to write. Sandy, who's vicious red pencil taught me to keep a reign on that gluttony for words. Jack, who recently reminded me to keep it honest. Boudica you too, for finally nagging me into starting this web site, and giving me the tools to do it with. James, bless you, for reminding me, that we're never too old or too tired to believe in the magic again.

As always your feedback is welcome, please feel free to email me with any thoughts about what you've seen and read here. But please all works are original and copyrighted and may not be used without the express written consent of yours truly.

What you will find here

The links on the right will take you to various areas. Because I've written in so many genres I've found it easier to break this up by genre than by chronological order. There are essays written for newsletters and other similar type publications, a plethora of poetry, a children's book, some spiritual rituals, a variety of prose, and even the beginnings of attempting a play. A gentle warning however, some of the material and themes explored in some of these pieces are adult in nature, or express very specific political points of view. If you feel these may offend you, I encourage you to skip that piece and move on to something different. I promise not to be offended that you didn't want to read it.

2005 Update

I'm no longer updating these pages here at Musings. In large part because I've found it much more convenient to update through my writer's journal. Found here, at 'A Writers Book Of Days'. I hope you'll continue to follow and enjoy this journey through the process of writing.

Thank You,

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