Ocean Visions

There is so much on the subject of art that cannot be said. Art is to be experienced. To be felt in one's heart, to be drunk in with one's being, to fill one's soul with. I oft find myself at a loss for words as to why a particular piece, or artist holds me enthralled. I am no art student, no historian, I cannot discuss at length the aestetic qualities of a given piece. Alas I can only give you a glimpse at what has touched me, and some clumsy attempt at why.

A Rip In Time
by: Madison Blackstone

A Rip In Time

'A Rip In Time' was the first piece of original artwork I ever purchased. I bought her in May of 2003 while visiting friends in Yorkton Saskatchewan. My friends were local newspaper people and they introduced me to a young artist they'd met through local interviews etc. I was, as they told me I would be, impressed with Madison Blackstone's work. This young woman had a real power and strength, although sometimes a bit dark sense to her work. Fallen angels, dark fey, and yet even in the darkness there was a hope and strength. Then I saw 'A Rip In Time', there was something in this young fey's eyes. Partially hidden by the fabric of time, she emerges, but not shy and hiding. Her eyes hold you, they grip you, I saw myself in her eyes, my life and my future. She wouldn't let go of me. And even as I negotiated a price and arranged for the shipping of the package to Thompson, I could not take my eyes from hers. I had to literally tear myself away to leave that evening, leaving her there to follow me home later.

Ocean's Edge